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In House Lessons:

Do you have a Pool at Home? Do you lives in Condo ? Want to save valuable time, money, and gas by getting lessons in at your pool? Tired of having to drive your kids around like a chauffeur and waiting for them to finish hour long lessons at the public pool? Want to be close and safe and clean water ? Well Toronto Swim School has the Solution!
We provide lessons In the Comfort of your own home! If you own a pool at your home or condominium complex then why bother having to waist gas driving to public pools for lessons. Toronto Swim School understands the security, comfort, and ease family have when swimming in their own pool. That’s the purpose isn’t it! We wanted to provide our customers the opportunity to have their lessons in the convenience, security, and peace of their private pools. Our instructors are able to travel to your homes for private lessons so you don’t have to!

Toronto swimming school also guaranty to teach 2 different swim plus Egg beater in to the 12 privet session ( 1 session is 1 hour )